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Power to the sum

The Climber’s two-wheel drive means no more loss of speed when you’re out and about, and you can now climb hills with ease.

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Like its name, the Climber from Inmotion is an electric scooter designed for climbing and challenges. Lightweight and powerful, its twin motors will prove very useful on hills.

Inmotion Climber: technical specifications


Thanks to a dual motor with a rated output of 900 W, the Inmotion Climber can climb slopes and hills of up to 36% (approx. 20°) and reach a maximum speed of 35 km/h. A special feature: while most electric scooters have a maximum load of around 120 kg, the Climber can carry up to 140 kg. The 15 Ah, 36 V, 533 Wh Samsung cell battery gives you a range of 55 km when fully charged in around 9 hours.

Driving experience

The Inmotion Climber’s 10-inch inflatable wheels, neither too big nor too small, do their job perfectly: cushioning road irregularities. And two-wheel drive gives you better traction and grip. So there’s no risk of losing speed during your escapades. Practical, especially when you’re in the middle of a climb.

The modular design of Inmotion Climber makes it easy to dismantle. This allows you to change electric scooter parts and components easily, all in record time. Likewise, the 17 cm wide footrest is very comfortable to sit on, allowing you to be in an optimal driving position.


The Inmotion Climber is equipped with a top-of-the-range BMS. This technical term means above all that the motherboard constantly monitors the batteries. This prevents cell ageing by analyzing the status of each cell at any given moment. So you can keep the fun going!

The Inmotion Climber’s braking system consists of an electronic brake and disc brakes. In short, electronic braking offers precise control and rapid response, while disc brakes offer high braking power and better heat dissipation. Together, they provide an efficient and reliable braking system for the Inmotion Climber.

In addition to the brakes, the lighting system is equally powerful and highly appreciated. In town or in the country, when it’s dark, you can count on a headlight that gives you visibility up to 15 meters ahead.


On the handlebars, an LED display screen – similar to the one found on the AIR electric scooter and AIR Pro – gives you one-click access to various settings. All you have to do is look down to monitor your speed in real time, or to turn the lights on (or off).

Inmotion Climber electric scooter, a good choice?

Robust and compact, the Inmotion Climber offers 1500 W of peak power. So it’s perfectly equipped to tackle even the most stubborn climbs. As well as being easy to handle, it’s also easy to maintain, making it the perfect electric scooter for adventurers.

Additional information

Weight 20,8 kg
Dimensions 116,5 × 47 × 118,6 mm

up to 55km

autorisation circulation

Authorized on private roads only


Lithium Ion 15 Ah / 36V / 533Wh (Samsung)

Charge maximale

140 kg

Inclinaison maximale





2 x 450W


Dual motors Electronic disc brakes Wide footrests (17cm)

Taille pneu


Type de pneu



25km/h adjustable to 35 km/h


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